Hand-Sewn Sashes

How the Sashes Came To Be

The idea for these felt appliqué sashes developed from combining two unusual art forms. The first was the hand-woven shaman sashes of some traditional, primarily tropical, societies that depicted jungle animals, spirit guides, healing powers, etc. The second influence was the elaborately appliquéd and beaded fancy parka trim from the far North that also depicted animals, flowers, and human images. The blending of these two forms gave rise to these beautiful sashes. Like the original works, the sashes feature natural images of plants, animals, earth and sky.

No two pieces of my fabric art or jewelry will ever be exactly alike. Each has its own special power derived from color, imagery, even the place where the piece was made and season of the year. Each sash takes many, many hours to complete. Each unique item is infused with the vision that comes from working with nature each and every day.

I have worn sashes like these with everything from long dresses to jeans, and they look great. The sashes are washable, but I would hand wash them if the need arises. They are designed to be worn simply looped over, not tied or knotted. This shows the intricate design more beautifully, and the material holds in place well. If you just want to display the sash as a purely decorative piece, it looks great hanging over a room divider or railing. That is how I displayed my work in our home in northern New Mexico. As with all my art, custom design is available.

Red Earth and Rain Sash

The Red Earth and Rain sash is a magical, yet practical piece of fabric art. It is constructed from two layers of dark earth-red felt. It is about 102 inches long (including fringe), with the felt itself being 72 inches long and 3-3/4 inches wide.

This sash design evolves with the number 3. There are 9 appliquéd turquoise-blue rain-flower symbols (3x3) on each side of the sash, and each rain-flower consists of 3 segments. Three is the magical triangle that unites opposites to produce new growth. It is the waxing, fullness, and waning of the moon. It is body-mind-spirit, and here it is Earth and Rain creating new summer flowers from the red-sand canyon floor. The design evokes the creative energies of sun and rain, earth and sky, wind and cloud. It is one of the first sashes that I created, working during a stormy Southwest mountain summer. Each end of the sash is finished with 12 long yarn braids and further ornamented with sturdy sky color acrylic beads.

If you are drawn to the mountains and deserts of the Southwest and to the ephemeral beauty the rains bring, then this Red Earth and Rain sash may be just for you.

Price: $49.95 + $6.50 shipping*

Butterfly Guardian Sash

Butterfly is a powerful symbol of transformation. Spring through autumn, the Southwest is alive with brilliantly colored butterflies. They are guardians of the cycle of the seasons and the wheel of the year. The Butterfly Guardian sash is made from a double layer of dark purple felt. The overall sash is 86 inches long (including fringe). The felt itself is 70 inches long and 2-1/2 inches wide. The sash is finished with 7 long spiral yarn braids and further ornamented with gold-tone glass beads. The design includes 13 gold appliquéd flowers symbolic of the warm season and representative of the 13 moons of the year. There are 8 spring-green and lavender butterflies, one for each of the 8 spokes of the seasonal wheel. Butterfly knows the flow of time, both the endings and the new beginnings.

If you celebrate the seasons and the transformations that those changes bring, then this Butterfly Guardian may be just for you.

Price: $49.95 + $6.50 shipping*

Star Ancestors Sash

There are ancient legends and half-remembered stories from around the world that say the ancestors of humanity came from the stars. What faint ancient whispers are we listening to when we look to the night sky and dream of distant worlds? This sash honors the legend of the Star Ancestors. It is made from double-thickness starlight-white felt, with an overall length (including fringe) of 104 inches and a width of 3-1/2 inches and a felt length of 70 inches. The tapered sash ends are adorned with long yarn braids and further ornamented with red, lavender-blue, turquoise, and gold glass beads.

There were many star systems the ancestors could have called home, and the 4 sets of 4 stars appliquéd against the bright background pay tribute to that idea. The star colors are gold, red, lavender, and blue; set between the star patterns is a green star that is our Earth. This is a simple, yet bold design that celebrates our connection to the cosmos and to worlds beyond our own. If you can sense the presence of the Star Ancestors and hear their distant voices, then this sash might be just for you.

Price: $49.95 + $6.50 shipping*

See something you like? Have an idea for a custom creation? Just drop us a note and we can let you know if it is available or if it can be custom-made for you. Please note that even the items on this page are one of a kind and may have been sold, so it's always best to check before sending payment.

We accept PayPal as well as other forms of payment (sorry, no credit cards except through PayPal and no personal checks). Thanks very much.

*Shipping is by Priority Mail to the U.S. only. Please contact us for rates to other countries. Optional insurance (U.S.) is an additional $1.75.

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