Creations Now in the Hands of New Owners

Here is the beginning of a significant sample of my work. The gallery page continues to grow.

All of these items are one of a kind and have been sold. They are included here to provide ideas for custom creations. In many cases a nearly exact duplicate could be made, though it would be better to discuss what you would like so you could have your own unique creation. 

In each of the groups, clicking a thumbnail image will display a larger version. Use browser back button to return.

Amulet Bags    Pouches    Necklaces, Sashes, Boxes & More

Amulet Bags

Bear Star Amulet Bag

Ancestor Guardian Amulet Bag

Blue Star White Buffalo Amulet Bag

Purple Hummingbird Amulet Bag

Kokopelli Amulet Bag

California Sea Otter Amulet

Desert Star Amulet Bag

Blue Jay Amulet Bag

Blue Dolphin Amulet Bag

Antelope Amulet Bag

Horse Power Amulet Bag

Dreaming Bear Amulet Bag

Morning Star Hawk Amulet Bag

Eagle Star Amulet Bag

Hummingbird Amulet Bag

Leaping Salmon Amulet Bag

Silver Dolphin Amulet Bag

Wild Horse Amulet Bag

Scarlet Macaw Amulet Bag

Buffalo Amulet Bag

Llama Amulet Bag

Manatee Amulet Bag

Otter Amulet Bag

Moon Rabbit Amulet Bag

Wolf Amulet Bag

Redtail Hawk Mountain Design Amulet Bag

Autumn Deer Amulet Bag

Cougar Red Moutain Amulet Bag

Turquoise World Amulet Bag

Raven and Pentacle Amulet Bag

Blue Mountain Butterflies Amulet Bag

Black Jaguar or Panther Amulet

White Butterflies Amulet Bag

Summer Hummingbird Amulet

Ancient Trails Amulet Bag

White Buffalo Amulet Bag

Gray Dolphin Amulet Bag

Copper Sun Amulet Bag

Orca Amulet Bag

Tiger Amulet Bag


Cheetah or Leopard Amulet


Hunter's Dawn Amulet



Dolphins and Moon Pouch

White Buffalo Pouch

Three Arrows Medicine Bag

Smiling Sun Pouch

Deer Pouch

Autumn Gold Shaman's Pouch

Three Sisters Seed Pouch

Tan Three Sisters Seed Pouch

Moon Dance Shaman's Pouch

Midnight Butterfly Fringed Pouch

Beaded Elk Pouch

Wolf Track Shaman's Pouch

Three Bright Stars Shaman's Pouch

Raven Pouch

Wolf Leather Pouch

Two Ravens Pouch


Elephant Dawn Shaman's Pouch


Golden Sunflower Seed Pouch

Blue Corn Pouch


Fringed Sea Turtle Pouch


Wolf Medicine Wheel Pouch

White Buffalo Blue Star Pouch

White Wolf Medicine Pouch

Earth Dreamer Turtle Pouch

Thunder Beings Pouch

Sun Circle Seed Pouch

Moonlight Raven Shaman's Pouch

Raccoon Shaman's Pouch

Blue Dolphins Medicine Pouch

Healing Hands Shaman's Pouch

Solar Hawk Shaman's Pouch

Necklaces, Sashes, Boxes & More

Tiger Necklace

Felt and Leather Knife Sheath

White Raven Box

Mountain Spirits Sash

Howling Wolves Lapis Necklace

Pipe Bag

Night Horses Necklace

Guardian Eagle Box

Rainbow Horses Sash

Black Bear Necklace

Blue Koi Necklace

Night Skies Necklace

Ancient Deserts Necklace

Peacock Necklace

Gray Squirrel Necklace

See something you like in the gallery? Have an idea for a custom creation? Just drop us a note and we can let you know if it can be made for you.

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