Hand-sewn Felt Appliqué Boxes

A Wide Variety of Styles

I have always been interested in the idea of handmade boxes. A few years ago I started designing complex felt-appliqué boxes for my own jewelry and then began adding them to my ongoing art collection. The sturdy cardboard base is covered with felt fabric, and each segment of the box is then hand-sewn together. They are fascinating to design and make, and they come in several heights and sizes. The boxes are available in a variety of shapes, too, including rounds, ovals, triangles, rectangles, and multi-sided hexagons, pentagons, and octagons. Recently I have begun experimenting with making flexible boxes that are stitched over quilt batting instead of a solid base. The results are quite interesting and allow for beading and other embellishment.

There are many uses for these elegant, magical boxes. They are wonderful homes for jewelry, gemstones, divination cards, or garden seed packets, and they make elegant Dream Boxes or Moon Boxes as well. As with all my art, custom design work is available.

Desert Tortoise and Sun

This little round box is soft and flexible. Thick washable felt filled with quilt batting makes this beautiful little box more like one of my medicine bags or pouches than a conventional solid box. The box measures 3.5 inches across with the lid at 4.5 inches. Color is eggshell-white, edged with bright orange seed beads and ornamented with a gold and orange sun. In the middle is a tiny carved wooden turtle or desert tortoise. Tortoise lives in what many would consider an inhospitable environment, but this ancient being thrives where many would not fare so well. She is associated with the Earth Goddess, deep powers of the land, and self-knowledge and self-reliance. To all desert creatures the sun is a powerful presence, one that the tortoise well understands, along with wind and water and stone. This unique little box would be a snug place for gemstones, crystals, or jewelry, especially those with strong earth or solar connections.

Price: $14.95 + $6.50 shipping*

Spring’s First Flowers

This pretty round box is 6.5 inches in diameter and 3.25 inches tall. The top is 7 inches across. Both the top and sides of the box are appliquéd with a vivid array of multicolor flowers on a white background. The inspiration for this design came one afternoon while walking in the mountains. It was early spring and there were still sizeable patches of snow on the ground. But at the edges of the snowmelt there were small colorful patches of flowers blooming brightly in the afternoon sun. Spring had come again, and the cycle of renewal had returned. This would make a nice box for garden seed packets, flower seeds, or fragrant, healing herbs.

 Price: $19.95 + $6.50 shipping*

See something you like? Have an idea for a custom creation? Just drop us a note and we can let you know if it is available or if it can be custom-made for you. Please note that even the items on this page are one of a kind and may have been sold, so it's always best to check before sending payment.

We accept PayPal as well as other forms of payment (sorry, no credit cards except through PayPal and no personal checks). Thanks very much.

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