Ancient Worlds Collection

Humankind has walked this Earth for untold thousands of years. There are signs of early human beings scattered all across the globe. We see vivid painted caves and canyon walls as well as powerful rock art (petroglyphs) etched with geometric patterns and images of all manner of living beings. There are troves of ancient pottery, vast ruins of great houses, enormous circles of standing stones, and carved monuments. Artifacts all over the world attest to the passage of the ancients.

So who were these earliest people? In short, they were our ancestors. Whoever we are, and wherever we live now, we are descendants of these most ancient of people. Long before humanity fragmented into its myriad modern societies we belonged to earlier tribes with profoundly different identities. Our ancestors lived close to the Earth. They were a vital part of nature, not separate from it. These early people listened to the voice of the wind; measured time by the sun, moon, and stars; hunted and harvested with the seasons; lived meaningful and creative lives, even if they seem difficult by our modern standards. We still share the same natural world as the ancient ones inhabited, and we still share those ancient bloodlines. Even in our busy contemporary world the ancestral voices still whisper to us across space and time, and they have many stories to share if we stop to listen.

One of the most common of ancient motifs is the spiral; you can see it etched, engraved, or painted on rock on several different continents--and we are still using it today as part of our own art and design. A great deal of the ancient artwork has distinct similarities, even though it is widely separated in time and geography. This speaks to me of a common thread running through all humanity. I have always created artwork based on our relationship to the natural world, but I wanted to work with the ancient materials and begin to create works that are designed to connect us even more deeply to that common human “knowing.” Ancient people used whatever nature provided for ornaments: shell, clay, wood, stone, bone, antler, amber, leather, obsidian, and copper--eventually handcrafted glass and other metals. Shell beads were human's earliest known jewelry; some are said to be more than 40,000 years old. Copper ornaments are around 12,000 years old. Of course I will use some “modern” materials, but the idea is to connect with our most ancient traditions, to evoke a time when we were part of Mother Earth and she was part of us. A time when we understood the language of the plants and animals and watched the movement of the sun and moon. A time when people watched millions of stars under clear, dark skies.

I spend a lot of time out in wild, rugged desert country, often among ancient petroglyphs and other sites occupied by early people. I can sit among the rocks and listen to the wind and sometime hear the whisper of ancient voices. In the silence I can sense the presence of the ancient world. I often see animals depicted in the rock glyphs or painted on ancient pottery. Humanity is old, very old. We are part of the great web of life, we are part of this vast conscious Universe. We always have been and always will be.

Ancient Memories

When I see a piece of ancient pottery or jewelry in a museum, I always wonder about the real human beings who created and used those pieces. Why was that pattern chosen? Was the beautiful necklace a gift for a mate or a friend? Where did the materials to make the item come from? What were the stories and circumstances around it. Each of those old pieces was created by someone and each holds its own stories and memories. That item is unique and carries the secrets of a human lifetime lost to us now across time and distance. Yet, the ancestral voices are speaking to us across those vast distances. If we listen carefully some of those ancient memories may be shared with us today.

This necklace is made from shell, green magnesite, wood, copper, and soapstone strung on sturdy monofilament and held with a pair of 16-inch buckskin ties. The beaded segment is 12 inches. The necklace can be tied to be worn at different lengths. Long ago the elements of this necklace would have come from different places, just as they do today. When I look at this piece I can imagine stories about the how the elements would have been collected to make a special gift. The shell teeth would have had to come from the distant seacoast, the soapstone beads from far to the north; copper might have been traded from farther south. Stone nuggets were usually collected along streambeds, polished by wind and water. Buckskin and wood would have been readily available. To make a necklace like this would have taken time, effort, planning, and maybe some sharp trading skills. It would be a valued gift for a loved one, with memories contained in every element and a beautiful story all its own.

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In many ancient cultures around the world turtle was considered one of Earth's oldest creatures, keeper of hidden knowledge and wisdom. Turtle had existed long before any human ancestor and knew many things about the time before humankind walked the earth. Turtle was associated with both earth and sea. For early people who traveled on the water, sea turtles were good omens because they always found their way home. Even today sea turtles are considered a sign of homecoming and returning to the place of one's origins. This sea turtle charm might be given to a traveler to ensure a safe homecoming, or it might be given to someone leaving for another land with the wish that they return home someday. Sea turtle is a sign of good fortune.

This Sea Turtle charm is made from a polished slab of blue-green magnesite ornamented with four white magnesite sea turtles strung on waxed linen with two strands of glass seed beads and green turquoise that evoke seaweed and moving water. The pendant charm is about 4 inches and strung on a 23-inch beaded waxed cotton cord finished with a toggle clasp. The beads on the cord are metal, glass, bamboo, and black tourmaline, evoking a forest near the seashore.

Magnesite has a strong, peaceful, protective energy and is a close cousin to turquoise. Black tourmaline has long been used to dispel negativity and guard against misfortune. The legends and lore that have grown up around gemstones and other minerals have their origins in ancient times long before the stories were ever written down. Some of our modern gem lore has roots in the very distant past and some is fairly contemporary, but all of it is interesting and helpful.

This piece is unique and would make a nice gift for someone who does a lot of traveling. It brings a sense of peace, protection, and the promise of happy homecomings, abundance, and good fortune.

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Thirteen Moons

Along the ancient shoreline people lived for centuries, marking the sunrises and the sunsets. They watched the stars move across night skies and the face of the moon change. The migrations of the sea beings followed the cycles of the seasons. There were times of calm and plenty and times of storms and destruction. The coast dwellers traded with desert people from far inland who brought blue-green stone and copper which they exchanged for all manner of beautiful shell jewelry. This modern shell necklace is not all that different from those ancient pieces our ancestors loved to wear.

This 18-inch round necklace is made from cut shell beads that are shaped to resemble stylized shark's teeth, strung on monofilament with red coral and golden horn shell. There are 13 beads that represent the 13 moons of the seasonal cycle, essentially about a solar year. The shell beads have a golden-white moonlight appearance, but the red and gold beads are strong sun colors representing the solar year. The circular shape of the necklace represents the cyclic nature of the moon and the great Wheel of the Year. The shell and coral elements connect us with the ancestors, as these are some of the oldest known items used in jewelry and other ornaments. The sea is the origin of all life and connects us to the very beginnings of life on our planet and the Sea of Consciousness in which we all exist.

Each piece that I create is unique; there are no others exactly like it. This one celebrates the cycles of the moon and the vast cycles of time that link us to the ancestral worlds long vanished.

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Kokopelli Dance

The ancient image of Kokopelli is very much alive today in his traditional Southwestern homeland and beyond. He is the seed carrier and flute player, a primeval fertility figure representing abundance, growth, and a celebration of life itself. His figure appears in some of the oldest rock glyphs as well as on contemporary pottery pieces and fabrics. He has become synonymous with happiness, plenty, and celebration. He brings good fortune and joy.

This Kokopelli charm is created on a shell disk and ornamented with a terracotta Kokopelli figure that evokes the ancient rock images. There are four leather fringes and four beaded fringes, which represent the four seasons and the four cardinal directions. The leather is buckskin, and the beaded fringes are strung on waxed linen. The beads consist of turquoise in both earth and sky shades, red coral, wood, and small glass seed beads. The overall length of the pendant charm itself is about 6.5 inches. The charm is held on an old leather lacing fitted with a copper clasp. The leather strap is 24 inches long. If you think the strap is too long, you can easily tie it to a shorter length and not use the clasp.

Turquoise has long been considered a powerful protective and healing stone. The deep-blue shades link us to the sky, and the green and brown shades connect us to the earth. Coral and shell connect us to the sea and our earliest origins.

This piece is one of a kind, a harmonious blend of natural elements that celebrates life, abundance, and creativity. Listen to the wind. You can still hear Kokopelli's flute far in the distance.

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A Season of Abundance Amulet

It has been a year of plenty. There have been good rains and good harvests. The land is green, and the sky is clear and bright. It has also been a year of hard work and long days, but now the cycle is complete and it is time for festivities and celebration. There is much to share and enjoy. There is peace and harmony at the close of a long year.

This pouch is made from golden buckskin stitched with waxed linen. The ornamental beaded fringe, set among the hand-cut and -tied white deerskin leather fringe, includes turquoise, red coral, wood, metal, ceramic, and rustic glass. The closure is a double-drawstring design. The pouch is set with a large piece of blue-green magnesite, a beautiful cousin of turquoise. The pouch itself is 4.5” x 2.75”; the fringe is about 4” long.

These small shaman's pouches can be tied on a belt, hung on the wall, or worn as a necklace. This particular pouch has a festive, celebratory energy. It would be ideal for someone who is seeking abundance, prosperity, and good fortune.

Turquoise has a grounding, healing, and very protective energy. It helps us gain insight and wisdom from our life experiences. Red coral adds health and vitality; wood and metal bring an earthy sense of the stability and growth and connect us with the natural elements. Glass and ceramic celebrate human creativity and art. 

The beaded strands on the outer edges of the pouch represent the Four Directions, while the center strand represents Earth/Sky and our divine connection to the Universe. The blue-green magnesite piece represents Spirit and Higher Consciousness.

This little pouch has its own special energy. It is an individual; there are no others exactly like it. It is a blend of distinct elements combined to create both spiritual and material beauty. It is designed to promote abundance and sharing as well as peace and good fortune. Celebrate each new day.

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A Traveler's Story Amulet

Long ago before history was recorded people traveled and traded. They followed ancient trails across vast grasslands and through rugged mountain passes. They traveled from the deserts to the sea and back again. All along these ancient trails the travelers told stories, shared news, traded goods and ideas. These journeys helped human societies expand skills and knowledge. They allowed us to learn and share a vision of what lay beyond the horizon. Even in today's world of global communications we can still hear the echos of the ancient storytellers and their long-ago journeys.

This pouch is made from soft, sand-tan buckskin stitched with waxed linen. The ornamental beaded fringe, set among the hand-cut and -tied leather fringe, includes shells, turquoise, red coral, carnelian, wood, metal, white magnesite, ceramic, and rustic glass. The closure is a single drawstring, and the pouch is set with a large white shell, symbol of the sea of dreams. The pouch itself is 4.5” X 2.75”; the fringe is about 4” long.

These small shaman's pouches can be tied on a belt, hung on the wall, or worn as a necklace. This particular pouch has the feel of ancient trails, trade, long journeys and distant stories. It would be a wonderful pouch for the traveler and storyteller in today's world.

Turquoise has a grounding, healing, and very protective energy. It is also said to enhance communication, helping you share your vision with the world. Shell links one to the Ocean of Consciousness, and red coral promotes health and vitality. Carnelian is a stone of action and manifestation as well as protection against negativity and worry. Wood and metal connect us with the natural elements; glass and ceramic celebrate human creativity and art. White magnesite (also called “white buffalo turquoise”) has a peaceful natural beauty and calm, focused energy and light.

The beaded strands on the outer edges of the pouch represent the Four Directions, while the center strand represents Earth/Sky and our divine connection to the Universe. The while shell is symbolic not only of the earthly sea, but to the Sea of Dreams and the Ocean of Consciousness.

This little pouch has its own special energy. It is an individual; there are no others exactly like it. It is a blend of distinct elements combined to create both spiritual and material beauty. It is designed to promote knowledge through travel and exploration through storytelling. It is at home in the mountains, or the deserts, on the sea coast or in the city. It is at home everywhere in this vast Universe that our imagination can take us.

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Balance and Harmony Amulet

There is a balance to the seasons and harmony in the cycle of light and darkness. These natural rhythms have long guided life on Earth. In ancient times humankind was entirely dependent upon the cycles of nature and lived as part of the natural world. Even in today's technological society we still celebrate the seasons, the Solstices and the Equinoxes, and the rising and setting of the sun. We still watch the moon go through her phases from New to Full to New again. We have not lost our connection to the Earth; the sky; the sun, moon, and stars. We sometimes forget for a while, but they are always waiting for us when we return to the balance and harmony of the Universe.

This pouch is made from deerskin dyed with black walnut and stitched with waxed linen. The ornamental beaded fringe, set among the hand-cut and -tied single leather fringe includes turquoise in a variety of earth and sky shades, red coral, glass and ceramic, wood, shell, and metal. The pouch has a double-drawstring design and is set with a beautiful turquoise nugget. The pouch itself is 4” x 2.5”, and the bottom fringe is about 5.5” long. These small shaman's pouches can be tied to a belt, hung on the wall, or worn as a necklace. This pouch has a very harmonious and balanced energy with a deep connection to the natural rhythms of the earth.

Turquoise has long been a stone of healing and protection. In its more earth tones of brown and green it has a strong grounding presence. In its sky colors it fosters communication and vision. Red coral is a stone of vitality and health and connects one to the seas and oceans both literally and metaphorically, as does shell in its many forms. Wood and metal connect one to the forests and the element of Earth; the small glass and ceramic beads are a celebration of human creativity and art.

The beaded strands on the outer edges of the pouch represent the Four Directions; the two center strands represent Earth and Sky and our divine connection to Spirit. The turquoise nugget is symbolic of Earth herself and our place in the infinite Universe.

This little pouch has its own special energy. It is an individual; there are no others exactly like it. It is a blend of distinct elements designed to create both spiritual and material beauty. It is designed to promote balance, peace, and harmony with nature, with each other and the Universe beyond.

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Desert Spring Flowers Necklace

This beautiful seed bead, carnelian, and green magnesite necklace evokes the spring flowers that carpet the deserts after the spring or summer rains.

The overall length of the strands from the small barrel clasp to the magnesite pendant is 8.75 inches and the overall length of the finished piece is 10.5 inches.

When I was creating this necklace the orange carnelian beads reminded me of a sprawling patch of wild flowers growing among green spring vegetation on the desert mountain slopes.

Magnesite is a versatile and beautiful mineral, cousin to turquoise and azurite. Its colors, shades, and patterns are astonishingly varied and alluring. The green magnesite is sometimes sold as turquoise, but it is a different mineral entirely with its own distinct energy. Energetically, magnesite has a calming and peaceful effect, helping the wearer to overcome fears and develop a more positive outlook. Carnelian varies from sunset-orange to deep red and is associated with protection, creativity, and good fortune.

Rain in the desert is a blessing, and the ephemeral and intensely beautiful wildflower carpets are signs of regeneration and renewal of all life.

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