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Starting Nearly 40 Years Ago...
Life in Minnesota

We lived in northern Minnesota near Itasca State Park, headwaters of the Mississippi River, from 1979-1996.

We started out with sled dogs and a small farming operation. Eventually we attended Bemidji State University, where we studied biology with an emphasis on botany and plant ecology.

Primary focus of life in the latter part of that era was running our publishing business after buying The Business of Herbs, trade journal for the herb and specialty horticulture industries.


The Minnesota house, 100 years old, log construction.


We had The Business of Herbs from 1988 through 1999.


The Big Move - August 1996

We left Minnesota in the summer of 1996 after buying a place in the northern New Mexico mountains. We loved the natural beauty and the location deep inside the Santa Fe National Forest at 8700 feet elevation. But after seven years of dealing with bad weather and even worse services, we headed to the southwestern corner of the state.

Our Most Recent Step

We are now living on a "mini-ranch" in southwestern New Mexico. It is only five acres, but it has many fruit and nut trees and newly established garden beds. The climate here is superb, offering year-round growing conditions. The winter garden this year produced excellent turnips, broccoli, chard, kale, and more.

The rather modest house has some nice features including a large screen porch. The roofed area that was formerly the carport is now enclosed and has become a passive-solar plant growing and human basking room. The oversized three-car garage was already finished inside. After a few modifications it has become our new office.


On the Mini-Ranch

Desert Willow Flowers

Flowers, flowers,

White Flowers Black Sky

Cactus Flowers

and more flowers

Red Mountain, our nearest and most photogenic landmark

Red Mtn Snow

Sometimes there is snow on the mountain, but not very often

Red Mtn, Venus & Moon

Venus and the moon

Summer Solstice: the sun sets nearly at the north end of the mountain


The Deming Area

Cactus Cliff

Rockhound SP

Above: Rockhound Park
Left: Spring Canyon
Right: Mexican Poppies
Below: City of Rocks
Bottom: Gila Cliff Dwellings


Rock Group

City of Rocks

City of Rocks Cactus Flowers

Approaching Dwellings

A Dwelling

Another Dwelling


Here We Are


Paula in Santa Fe mode


Paula and David Oliver and a favorite rock


David enjoying the sunshine

Paula created all the works of art on this site and wrote the descriptions. David took all the photographs and produced and maintains the Web site.

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