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What This Site Is All About

Each piece you see here is unique and entirely handcrafted. My favorite technique is felt appliqué, followed closely by various types of beading and braiding. Recently I have added some interesting traditional-style leatherwork to my collections as well as lots of items created with beautiful hand-painted Peruvian ceramic animal beads.

Over many years my work has been deeply influenced by the art of traditional cultures from around the world, especially that of the Arctic and Northern Native peoples. However, my art and design is completely my own; I do not make copies of others' artwork. My art now blends themes, ideas, and images from the Southwest mountains and deserts and farther south yet, into the tropics and the surrounding seas.

The strongest presence felt in all of my art is that of Nature herself. The plants and animals, the earth and sky, the sun, moon, and stars all are depicted here. My relationship with the natural world is the real inspiration for all that I create. The desert sunsets, the northern lakes, the mountain forests, the ancient wheel of the night sky, the moon phases, and the rhythm of the changing seasons are all stitched, appliqué, beaded, and braided into these amulets, pouches, sashes, and boxes. In some fundamental way these little ornamental objects are visions made manifest.

Most ancient and traditional cultures were much more aligned to the Earth and her cycles and understood the voices of plants and animals in ways we have forgotten. But those ancient voices are still speaking if we choose to listen. They whisper on the wind and sing with the rain. Listen to them and honor their wisdom. I know that I do.

While you will find a wide variety of pieces to choose from, I also do custom work, especially totem or guardian animal amulets, pouches, and jewelry sets. Prices will vary depending upon the project, so it is best to e-mail me to discuss details. 

I do hope you enjoy the site and the art presented here. I love creating each piece. Such visions are to be shared. Come back and visit often, because I will have new and interesting pieces available on a regular basis.            


What's New


December 2017 update:


The Northwind Visions 2018 Calendar is ready for download.


April 2016 update:


Introducing the new Ancient Worlds Collection. Designs inspired by painted caves and canyon walls as well as powerful rock art, ancient pottery, ruins of great houses, enormous circles of standing stones, and carved monuments.


May 2011 update:


A new studio workroom in the garage is the latest addition to our home. Take a tour.


Any Time:


Check out David's photo collection on Flickr. There are flowers, birds and other wildlife, petroglyphs, ruins, rock formations, and more.


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See something you like on this Web site? Have an idea for a custom creation? Just drop us a note and we can let you know if it is available or if it can be custom-made for you.

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